Photo Keepsakes uses a technique called ChromaKey, much like you see the weather reporters using on TV every day!  The process is simple to use:

Step 1:     

Guests choose a background from a variety pre-selected by you prior to the event.


Step 2:     

Guests are photographed in front of a green screen.


Step 3:    

Using a laptop computer and specialized software, a customized background is digitally layered over each photo. This technique provides the illusion that you and your guests are magically  transported to another location!   5x7 photos are printed on location just seconds after they are shot.

  • Each package is tailored to your needs using stock or customized backgrounds to match your event theme.  
  • Choose from dozens of fantastic backgrounds that will serve to entertain guests of all ages.
  • Photos are produced on the spot using the latest digital photography and printing technology.  High-speed printing ensures no waiting.
  • Guests leave with a 5x7 glossy photo inserted in a folder with a gold border or a customized folder.
  • Using digital photography ensures a picture perfect keepsake every time – no blinks, no unwanted photos.
  • Multiple copies can easily be made of the same photo.
  • We customize each photo to include names, dates and title of your event.


Photo Keepsakes works closely with your event facility, planner, caterer, DJ/band to ensure your event photography meets your individualized needs and expectations and that all runs smoothly the day of your event. 

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